Prices, downloads and demonstrations

The Primary Progress Toolkit is available on annual subscription. Your annual subscription includes:

  • The software
  • Importing your data from existing sources
  • Induction training
  • Annual data updates from national sources and from your school management information system.
  • Helpline via email and telephone support
  • Software updates when released.


Infant Progress Toolkit 1 year subscription 295 2 year subscription 495
Primary Progress Toolkit (includes the Infant Progress Toolkit) 1 year subscription 525 2 year subscription 895
If you would like to download a leaflet about the toolkit, click here.


Try the Primary Progress Toolkit

The best way to evaluate the toolkit is to see it working for yourself. We can arrange a demonstration either online, from your own computer at a time that suits you, or at your school. The demonstration takes about three quarters of an hour. If you would like us to arrange this, please call or email:

  • Roger Watson: 01279 652183
  • Janie Nicholas: 01727 825761

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You can also see how the toolkit works on our mini-demo pages

These two short video demos will give you a good feel for how the toolkit works: Click the numbered options below to run the demos.

  1. tracking pupil progress from Point of Entry in Reception to Key Stage 1 (4 minutes)
  2. tracking pupil progress from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 (3.5 minutes)


ppt demo