Looking to change your progress tracking software?

Like most Primary schools you probably already have a progress tracking system, either commercial or home grown, so why would you want to change?

Schools who subscribe to our Primary Progress toolkit, do so for several reasons:

  1. their home-grown system is becoming unwieldy or unstable
  2. they spend too much time on entering data and, more particularly, in analysing it
  3. they want better information, clearer, sharper, easier to understand, through careful selection, clear layout, colour coding, controllable graphs.
  4. they want a system which keeps up with changing Government requirements, like the new EYFS
  5. they want to shape the software to meet their particular needs, for instance:
  • if you need to filter data for groups other than the standard ones (SEN, gender, ethnicity etc.), we can add groups chosen by you (e.g. Maths interventions? G&T? Service families? Looked after children?)
  • if you need data formatted in a particular way, which the standard toolkit displays don't provide, we can write you a 'special report' (at no extra charge!)

So what's our secret? It's simple: we listen to what our customers say they want and try to provide it. We help customers get set up by importing all their historic data into the toolkit. We provide free training to get you started and when you want to go further. When you have a problem you can call or email us and we respond. When the Government makes changes, like the new EYFS, we re-write the software
(click 'Using Primary Progress Toolkit with the new EYFS' to see our new user's guide)

Some of our customers are very demanding and we like that. It's the reason the toolkit gets better and better.

So, if you are not satisfied with your current system, why not contact us to see if we can meet your needs. We won't give you a hard sell because, quite honestly, we don't want reluctant customers: we want keen, demanding customers, who really believe that good progress tracking software can help to improve performance in their schools.

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